From Cold to Checkout:  6 Week Master Course

From Cold to Checkout: 6 Week Master Course

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 Do you have a website, fully setup but you are just waiting around for the customers to show up?


Have you been waiting around for months and months,

but no sales YET?

If you said yes to both questions,

you will profit so much from my course and coaching program, literally.

I will work with you to set your goals and work to help you exceed those goals you set, all during this 6 week Master Course. 

You will participate and receive live coaching in  six  coaching group sessions (one per week) which will hold you accountable to the goals we set up for you, to ensure your website exceed those goals.

At the end of this "From Cold to Checkout" 6 Week Master Course,


You will be able to:

  • Understand who your target audience is for your specific products and/or service. And how to find your target audience and set up ads directly to your specific audience.
  • Create amazing ads that sell to your target audience. On repeat, to drive sales, sales and more sales.
  • Be able to understand and analyze your data from the ads I will help you create and run on social media platforms.
  • You will be able to continue to use the ads that are proven to work for you, set them on auto pilot,  which will continue to drive traffic and sales to your website, 24/7.  You will be able to wake up to sales everyday, on repeat!

These are the strategies that have been used time and time again by successful website owners and are proven to WORK, EVERY SINGLE TIME. You have to remember,  traffic does not magically come to a website, no matter how great your products are.

If you are sick and tired of having a website with NO SALES, after you have worked SO HARD, just to continue to be broke and busted and repeating the cycle of working harder and harder....


If this is YOU and you are willing to LEARN and put in the work with me, Order this 6 week training course NOW, before my classes are too full.

I only take a limited amount of students per 60 days, to provide the one on one attention you need to learn all the secret strategies to MAKE MONEY EVERYDAY.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are lazy and not willing to learn proven strategies and implement what you learn right away, please don't purchase my course.  This is not a magic pill or get rich quick scam. You will learn and put in work with me these 60 days to get customers coming and purchasing from your website every single day. Because we both will be working our butts off together, there is a no refund policy.  You will get results as a result of my one on one coachings  and live masterclass courses.  No excuses and no time for lazy "wantrepreneurs".  How bad do you want to change your life?


**Please call me after you order for our initial phone call for your personalized plan.**



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
William L.
Please do it

Nykkis material is great, all I can say is ... solid course. First session and learned so much. Looking forward to these next sessions with her.

Lisa W.
First 3 weeks review

In my first 3 weeks of this program, first time owning a website although I have sold some handmade jewelry on etsy a few years ago. Learning a lot and getting things done. If you dont have experience in website and marketing, this program would work for you. Nykki shows you all the do's and donts of the marketing industry, saving you time and money so you can focus on just selling your product to the right audience. I didnt know a thing about the ads and found out I had mine set up all wrong. I learned how to connect with my audience through the ads and stay connected. We have done group sessions and one on one coaching sessions to see what you really need to meet your goals that we set in the beginning of the first week. Overall I am glad I decided to try the program. I will come back and give another review once I complete the ads portion of the program.

Kaitlin J.
Ton of value and worth it

Purchased course and put in the strategies that she taught and website does have the sales and traffic it did not have. The strategic ads gave my site way more exposure. Like she says you can't just sit around praying for sales, gotta out in the work to see results. If you don't know what to do and keep doing the wrong things without any results, seeing no return on your investments, I say order the course. Glad I did. It will help you in your business endeavors. Glad I seen her ad and took her up on her promise. Stop Dreaming program has really changed my life. My website has the clients I been needing for so long. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just be ready to learn and put in the work. She is full force and really want you to achieve your goals, unlike so many courses I tried. THANK YOU NYKKI

A. Williams
So far so good

Nykki really takes the time to guide you towards your goals. I was only getting family and friends to order products from the site I created which sells custom tees. Now since I learned the strategies to run those ads to target audiences I now have way more sales, it's been about 35 days in the course and I already see results. I do recommend if you want to increase sales and do it right. She really holds you accountable like a drill sergeant and show you how to do everything you need to do to finally get the sales coming for consistent income. I'm glad I took a chance and invested in myself. Hopefully I will be quitting my day job soon, I'm excited. This course is highly recommended if you believe in yourself.