About us


Royal Nykki Beauty  was first created in 2019 by Nicole Nesmith.  She has 4 daughters and one son, and they all have suffered from some type of dry hair and skin condition.  It was difficult to find products that were not watered down out in the market.  So, they began to consult with cosmetic chemists that had experience with dry skin and hair formulations to create only the best, effective formulations. They developed a strong desire and focus to develop and create formulas to address all types of dry skin conditions, dry, weak & damaged hair conditions.

Royal Nykki Beauty use only organic/vegan ingredients of the highest quality and locally source ingredients so that we can provide trusted, high quality products at fair, affordable costs.

Royal Nykki Beauty offer all types of products to include: skin creams, butters, daily moisture hair lotions, leave in deep conditioners, rosemary thicken & growth hair oil, moisture soaps, after bath& shower oils and so much more!

Thank you for joining our family and we hope that you continue to allow us to help your skin and hair thrive, like never before!


Team Royal Nykki Beauty